Info, Computing, and the future

Ifsc 4301








A. Median: 30 Years

Middle Range: 0

Total Range: 30 Years

B. One of the differences between our Delphi experiment and the textbook version of the Delphi method is, we did not allocate experts for every question so that we could better aggregate meaningful data.

And we did this in a fun, introductory way, so we did not act on our findings. But it was fun to talk about future. possible events.

C. As I said in the second part of my previous answer, this was a fun theoretical conversation to take part in. Those of us, like myself, with a massive taste for science fiction enjoyed the stimulation of the mind that invokes futuristic, theoretical thinking. But we did not have any experts on the topics we discussed, except for our professor, but he served as the facilitator of the questions. It would be nice to revisit the questions we had with respective experts of the fields.


•This course interested me in that it is a broad topic of technology and the future and how it will affect us as a species. As I am very interested in what the future can bring, in terms of technology and the great minds that work in the field, and the minds to come, it seems like it will be a fun topic with scientific speculation, our knowledge of the information sciences, and adding in some statistical analysis.


•Topic- Brain-computer interfaces will engage in cerebral activity and support human functions.

This topic highly interests me as it could be a huge leap in the efficiency of the collective of mankind. Not only the motor skills of a human, which has immense possibilities, but also cognitive behavioral functions, such as analyzing why someone has some sort of inclination to think a certain way, feel a certain way, and so on. This could be a huge stride forward in understanding ourselves at a fundamental core, and the benefits can be exponential. To name a few benefits that come to mind would be, being able to figure out what career field is best for you, help with motor skill such as braking soon enough to avoid a collision, and being able to access your emotions on a fundamental level.


•Topic – Self Healing Concrete

This invention could revolutionize buildings, infastructure, you name it. The possibilities are near endless. Material made from concrete, gel, and a certain kind of bacteria that would promote healing if the structural integrity of the material were compromised. In short, the bacteria would detect this defect in the overall material and rush to fortify the areas that have received considerable integrity loss.


•Topic – Silicon Artificial Neurons

This one hits a bit close to home with, as I have watched many loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. These medical implants could be used to replace damaged or dead neurons or other specialized cells in order to recover the cellular integrity of an organ that is being affected.

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